Barb Williamson had a really inspiring story about how she herself opened a sober living facility after 14 months of recovery. The fact that what started out as something that seemed like it wouldn’t happen ended up expanding to 13 houses is incredible. Most people don’t have the courage or the drive to open up one sober living facility yet alone 13. Williamson talked about how she makes her rounds every day circling through her various recovery houses and how she has everything down to a system for her employees at the houses.

I think there need to be more people out there like Williamson who are willing and ready to serve the public like this. I, for one, believe very strongly in sober living houses as it is my goal to one day open one in my uncle’s honor. Seeing people like Williamson live out what is still a dream to me is so inspiring and uplifting that it can be done, can be done well and even be done on a relatively large scale. I only ever thought of opening up one house, but who knows what could happen.