On Thursday, March 1, 2018, Carol Rostucher came to our class and spoke about the organization she started, which is called Angels in Motion, and her personal experience with addiction and recovery. Her son, who is in recovery now, was homeless in Kensington years ago. Carol would visit him and invite him into her home to take showers and eat, and he would bring friends with him, which helped Carol to realize she could do more to help the others living on the streets. So she started Angels in Motion three years ago.

This organization is an outreach program that has a certified recovery specialist, helps with access to treatment programs and also does small acts of kindness like talk to people and pass out food on the streets. These are simple resources that people with substance use disorder simply don’t have access to. There are 150 volunteers currently with the organization. It was inspiring to hear from Carol about how her personal experience with her son is what lead her to help others in the same situation as he once was.