Chelsey and Judith Cain came to speak to us about addiction from a mother-daughter perspective. The way they told there story was nothing like we had heard before because we had both people at the same time to give their own perspective of what was taking place simultaneously. Judith gave a very important perspective of the situation because she told us how difficult it was to make decisions as a parent with a child that has an addiction. Judith actually kicked Chelsey out of the house and when Chelsey got arrested Judith and her ex-husband battled with not posting her bail. Though this was a tough this decision to make for the Cain family it was the right thing to do because it forced Chelsey to get clean and stay that way.

The Cains really are some good people. They were very honest about the whole situation, Chelsea even told us that she sold her body on craigslist to get money for drugs. Even with the four felonies she was charged with that ultimately lead her to being arrested. This was what she needed to get her head back on straight. I think it is important to hear stories like this from both points of view because its not just the person who is battling addiction but it is the whole family that has to fight as well.