Last week Elana Gordon from WHYY’s the Pulse and Morgan Zalot from NBC10 visited our class to conduct a Q&A and discuss their work as established journalists.

Elana Gordon who has been covering addiction recovery on and off for nine years has always had an interest in the field of addiction reporting, especially when it comes to the opioid epidemic. She often finds herself looking ways to humanize these stories and recognizes the importance of battling stigma and figuring out ways to overcome misconceptions about the world of recovery.

Though bringing light to this issue may be somewhat gratifying, Zalot and Gordon both agree that there are many challenges that come with addiction reporting.

When asked about these difficulties the two journalists gave a list of issues that they’ve personally run into on the job.

One of the most common issues is the inconsistency of the individuals who consent to be interviewed, not to mention many of them are high while being interviewed. Both reporters have found it extremely difficult at times to get in contact with people and/or stay in touch. Another issue is the probability of being in the field and seeing someone overdose without any Narcan or training. When reporting on addiction it is quite possible that something like this could occur and it is important to be prepared.