1. Addiction affects about 2/3 of American families, so everyone is or has been in contact with someone who is struggling with addiction.
  2. The origin to de-stigmatize addiction started in the 1960s but took a back seat to the War on Drugs in the early 1970’s.
  3. Colleges and universities do you have collegiate recovery housing for students in long-term recovery.
  4. The first 12 step program came about in 1935.
  5. Addiction is about a $350 billion industry in the majority of that funding goes to incarceration and inside of rehabilitation.
  6. Drug related crimes in the U.S. count for roughly 16% of the incarcerated population within State penitentiary’s.
  7. People that live in long term recovery often do so in silence because of all the negative connotation that are associated with addiction and recovery.
  8. The only to change public policy is to change the publics perception of addiction and to better fund to recovery efforts.
  9. Advocacy groups in the 1980s successfully diminish the stigma surrounding AIDS and HIV.
  10. The language we use is incredibly important to advocate for recovery. No one likes to be described as a alcoholic or junkie thats why using “long term recovery” is very important we should be focusing on recovery.