1.) Addiction is a mental disease, not just a personal failing of not jst saying no.

2.) Social stigma, discrimination, and negative media coverage surrounding addiction has made many stay quiet about their recovery.

3.) Yearly, the United States pays $350 billion per year for substance abuse.

4.) A lot of process to break the stigma behind addiction was making trides in the early and late 70’s, but was sent backwards during the war on drugs in the 80’s.

5.) With this war on drugs, it has been documented that since 1985, around 80 percent of the criminal population has been drug offenders.

6.) 9/10 of people who identify as addicts, began using before the age of 18.

7.) There are programs around the country at college campuses and recovery high schools implemented to allow young adults to still recieve their education and foucs on their recovery as well.

8.) Discussion abou recovery and talking about the process is one of the best ways to keep a person in recovery.

9.) The anonymity aspect of recovery is a misunderstood concept and does not restrict people from talking about their recovery. It just means you should not release your programs name.

10.) 23 million peoople are currently in long term recovery.