Too Many Heads, Not enough beds

Last but not lease, Fred Way was the last speaker to come talk to our class about addiction. Way is the executive director of Pennsylvania Alliance of Recovery Residences and he job is to monitor recovery and residential support services provided by the state of Pennsylvania. Way has control over the approval  and implementation of recovery house in Philadelphia. He went over the whole process for us and much of this process sounds like a business opening up a new property. The owner of the building has to make sure the place is properly zoned and have a plan of action for its residents.

This discussion really surprise me because I didn’t think that there was such a long and hard  process to opening up a recovery center. There is a lot of rules and regulations that someone must go through to be approved by the State of Pennsylvania to open up a recovery center. I think Way said something like there are only 422 beds to accommodate 1.5 million people who are in need of these services.

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