The Fight is On

Akia Feggans from Philadelphia Fight, which is an organization offering embracive services for people in addiction, who have HIV, ADIS or that are at risk for contracting it. When talking about the opioid epidemic in the heroin epidemic I think it’s very important that we discuss HIV AIDS because needles sharing is very dangerous. Feggans said something very important while on her visit she said that HIV and due use go hand in hand. People who partake in high-risk behaviors are more susceptible to be apart of other high-risk behaviors like unprotected sex and share needles.

Philadelphia Fight, became federally funded two years ago, which allow them to create more resources for their patients. Feggans said that they operate like a third world country. Feggans   finished up the discussion with what she thought could help combat opioid addiction and that is to create public policy towards treatment. And to change the stigma surrounding addiction she also told us that media plays a huge role in how the public perceives issues. So it our duty as journalist to do the best we can on reporting on this topic and to use the correct vocabulary.

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Jacob Martin

Student athlete Jacob Martin is a junior journalism major in the School of Media and Communication at Temple University. Over the three years he has been a Temple student, he has developed as a skill for journalism design. As he embarks on this new journey in solutions journalism he seeks to particularize his ability in solutions journalism writing. Jacob has not been personally affected by addition but knows that this is one community that needs to be brought to light. He is very thrilled to be apart of this solutions journalism team and cannot wait to help put an end to the negative social connotations that surround addiction. Contact Jacob at

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