Schools is where many kids are first exposed to drugs and alcohol. Often time schools have there own household pharmacist — the common neighborhood drug dealer.

Rebecca Bonner came to our class to discuss recovery schools and in particular the recovery high school she found in 2011 the Bridgeway school in Roxborough PA. The school will have anywhere between 10 to 12 student in an Academic year. Bonner says that the school runs on the “sanctuary model” and that mean that every day the school meets to discuss what the students did the night before along with how their day went. That give the administration a chance to gauge the students allowing them to help any student who may have had a problem the day before work through the problem before the day starts.

I think programs like this could be very helpful for students how are in recovery because it allows them to connect to people around their age to build a community. I also think this is great thing to have in place with in the Philadelphia school district because it gives teens another chance at life so they don’t end up a statistic and they get their high school diploma.