Rebecca Bonner created The Bridge Way School after her daughter developed addiction problems her freshman year of high school. Her daughter went to rehab for five months and then went back to her local high school. Because it was the same environment as before, her daughter ended up relapsing within the first 10 months back at school.

She debated just putting her daughter in another local high school but quickly realized the environment would be the same.

“Putting kids in different basic traditional high schools doesn’t work,” Bonner said.

Out of desperation, Bonner considered sending her daughter to the closest recovery high school she could find in Boston.

After deciding that she could not pick up her life and leave everything Bonner and her family had here, she developed The Bridge Way School. The Bridge Way School is a recovery high school in the Roxborough/Manayunk area.

It’s been around for six years.

A typical day at The Bridge Way School includes a morning check-in to see what the students are dealing with outside of school. Afterward, classes will begin throughout the day. There is a process group four times a week which checks on students’ mental health and their state of recovery. Lastly, there is a check-out group every day. This check-out primarily focuses on setting personal goals for all students. People are more likely to complete goals when they vocalize it.

92 percent of the kids from the Bridge Way School continue to pursue higher education.

86 percent of the kids there remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol.