“Life is always blessed, broken and shared, ” said Chuck.

Chuck Blair, Marry Haney and Rob Nash of New Church Live visited our class to discuss their personal journeys and methodology in using religion to foster recovery for themselves, and more importantly for other people.

Haney compares the experience of having a family member with an addiction with being thrown in a fish bowl without knowing how to swim. After her son passed away from a heroin overdose, Haney needed to find some way to function and keep going. She began attending 12 step meetings and says that having the support of people who have shared in her experience has been somewhat of a life saver. She recalls one of the most difficult parts of her experience being finding a way to help her son without enabling him.

Nash, on the other hand, had the experience of being an addict firsthand and being born to a family that struggled with addiction as well. He is now 34 years sober and credits this to rehab, 12 step meetings and finding a God of understanding that accepted him. In order to accomplish this feat, Nash would need to grow as a person and get past all the guilt and shame that comes with the stigma of addiction.

The New Church Live initiative is focused on providing individuals in recovery space where they can feel comfortable and creating a conversation that avoids squeezing people into one box. Though a service focusing on recovery is an annual event, new comers looking for assistance are welcome anytime.

Though working with people in recovery can be an emotionally draining process, Chuck often says to himself, “My only job is to love this person and let go of the results.”

This method of coping with a feeling of helplessness is a useful tool in this field of work.