Jimmy Hatzel and Robert Ashford came to our class to discuss collegiate recovery.

I want to start off this reflection by stating that I empathize with anyone seeking recovery pursuing higher education. A huge aspect of the college culture revolves around experimenting with various substances.

Some colleges that already have some type of collegiate recovery programs include The College of New Jersey, University of Pennsylvania, and Drexel.

There are about 170 collegiate programs and that is determined by the college having some kind of effort to have recovery services on campus.

To bring this issue closer to home, according to Ashford, 10 percent of Temple students have a Substance Use Disorder. Also, 1 in 3 college students will likely have a mental health concern while they’re in school.

There is an active effort to get more services on Temple’s campus but it remains unclear how long it will take to get something implemented.

College Recovery Program services typically include teaching life skills, academic advising, 24/7 recovery student lounge, and referrals to intensive outpatient programs.