Philadelphia: Home of the cheapest and most potent heroin on the east coast.

Philadelphia has a real problem with opioid addiction and people are just now catching wind of it but that is not the case for Philadelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability Services, Roland Lamb.

Lamb says the city’s opioid problem goes back several decades. Philadelphia is known for cheapest and most potent heroine in the country for the past 30 years. From 2010 to 2014 the country saw a 248% increases in overdose fatalities. Narcan, is a drug that has been saving the lives of individuals who have overdose. Narcan is a drug that can be administered in different ways but it puts people into instant withdrawal. Not all police officers are carrying Narcan in the city. Some dishes in the city have been required to carry it but all districts do not carry Narcan due the price of the drug.

Lamb believes the price increase is due to the method of administration of the Narcan. The Narcan kits come in two different ways, one is a basic injection kit and the other is a aerosol spray but many first responders, like police officers, are untrained in using the cheaper basic injection kit.

Although overdose related deaths are rising Lamb said that the demographics of overdose related deaths shows that white men are at higher risk of dying and women are not far behind. Lamb’s goal is to increase resources and accessibility to the use of Narcan because no matter who you are this disease will kill you.

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By Jacob Martin