New Church Live: Faith and Recovery Can Work Well

It’s incredible to consider Rob Nash will have achieved 34 years of sobriety in May. From a one-time “successful addict,” Nash works with others in service in order to help share the light that was shined on him during his path to long-term recovery. Nash works with New Church Live, a parish born seven years ago with recovery advocacy as an important part their platform.

Chuck Blair is effective in discussing the role of faith in recovery, while it’s impressive that he, Nash, and Mary Haney—who provides support for those with addiction issues and their families—really go out in the community in Kensington to spread their message and support.

This isn’t a traditional form of recovery support; as in being a parish so open and supportive of those in recovery and their families, but it’s a vital one. Faith and organized religion can prove troublesome for those dealing with recovery, and there is an enduring discussion (and at times debate) about God in 12-step programs. That said, any group that is openly spreading positive messaging that is inclusive to those in recovery is helping the overall cause.

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