Medicated assisted treatment

Today in our class we had the pleasure of having a conversation with Keli McLoyd from the Research Treatment Institute.  He gave us a lot of important information and resources that we can use for our final project. One  thing that really stood out to me was when he discuss the differences between the three medications used when treating someone with addiction. I had no clue medicated assistive treatment was so diverse. He also talked about why certain medications work and don’t work with some of the patients.

I think this is a very important topic that the media should focus a little bit more on because I doubt a lot of people know things like this exist and one solution will not work for everyone. Thats why I think its important to find as many solutions as as possible to treating addiction and helping people stay in long-term recovery.

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Student athlete Jacob Martin is a junior journalism major in the School of Media and Communication at Temple University. Over the three years he has been a Temple student, he has developed as a skill for journalism design. As he embarks on this new journey in solutions journalism he seeks to particularize his ability in solutions journalism writing. Jacob has not been personally affected by addition but knows that this is one community that needs to be brought to light. He is very thrilled to be apart of this solutions journalism team and cannot wait to help put an end to the negative social connotations that surround addiction. Contact Jacob at

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