Jon Orens lost his son a few months ago because of addiction. Orens has gone and done these presentations because he says he helps him with his own healing. Orens tells his story of how it was like having a son with an addiction for about eleven years. Orens begins with his son’s experimentation in high school which ultimately lead to his demise 11 years later. What is particularly amazing about Oren is that even when he spoke about his son’s worst moments, he always presented like a father. Orens always had love for his son, Danny.

After his son’s death, Orens focuses particularly on the parents’ struggle of having a child with the disease. He repeats the statement to all parents, “Welcome to Hell, but you are not alone.” He makes a point to never sugarcoat a parent’s struggle. He will not be overly optimistic because he believes that will only set up parents for disappointment. However, he does like speaking to other parents to share information.

Orens currently helps the city by being on a commission to fight addiction, specifically opiates.