Human Strength is a CrossFit (a mixture of Olympic weightlifting, cardio, and gymnastics) offshoot of Phoenix multisport nonprofit recovery gym. Phoenix multisport was started by Scott Strode in Boulder Colorado and now has five locations across the country. Philadelphia currently has the biggest Human Strength operation. The program is free to anyone, so long as you have 48 hours of sobriety.

Two Human Strength representatives, Melody Schofield and Gavin Young visited our class last week to discuss finding recovery through exercise and fitness.

While Schofield had always been physically active even throughout her addiction, Young was never athletic as a child. After he got sober at the age of 25 he realized that without his addiction, he had a lot of free time on his hands and nothing to do. He began doing yoga and eventually turned to Crossfit to serve as a more positive outlet for his time.

Both Young and Scholfield agree that cross fit gives people a place to go and a sense of community. Most people after haven been victim to their addictions for so long don’t what to do or what they want to do. Cross fit fills that void and is a much healthier alternative.

As of now a small group to attend one of these workshops is between 8- 10 people while large groups are 20+. There are no beginners classes and contain individuals of all different backgrounds and skill levels.

“The goal is to create a group dynamic rather than get someone in shape,” said Young.

It is important that the people in recovery that attend feel welcome and feel open to meeting other people who struggle with the same issues that they do.