First Responders: On Drug Overdoses

First responders Ian Stoddart, Chas Carlson and Eric Miller of Narberth, PA came in to speak about the medical and legal aspects of overdose fatalities. The two paramedics Stoddart and Carlson talked about the drug Narcan and the agent in the drug, Naloxone, that actually reverses the effect of an opioid overdose immediately. While Miller, a police officer describe some of the different responses that a police officer may have to an overdose victim.

The important information the speakers provided us was about how states regulate the use and sell of Narcan. Each state is different but in Pennsylvania, Narcan is available over-the-counter to anyone. This is not the case in other states around the county.

Naloxone the active ingredient in Narcan works buy knocking off the opium that locks locks onto to the gabba cells. This is very important because the drug overdoes is not what causes death but it is asphyxiation. The Naloxone is unblocking the gabba cells allowing the victim to breath again. Narcan is really saving the lives of individuals who have overdosed.

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By Jacob Martin