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Meth series: Family drug courts fight rising tide of meth-fueled child abuse and neglect

This article is a perfect example of solutions journalism. Montana saw a rise of child abuse cases because of their large methamphetamine problem. Many of the cases of abuse or neglect, came from parents who were addicted to methamphetamine.  This sharp spike in the use of methamphetamine, mostly became because of the cheap price and availability.  The increase of child abuse cases was evident as since 2010, child abuse cases have doubled within the state. The state has started to implement more funding and treatment incentives for the drug courts of the state to help alleviate the problem. The story details that participants receive chemical dependency treatment, attend status hearings within court, frequent testing for drug and alcohol use, and are given a system of rewards and sanctions based on their progress. This story details the working solution within the community of an entire state and how they are attempting to restrict child abuse and drug addiction.


The Pharmacies Thriving in Kentucky’s Opioid-Stricken Towns

This news story is your typical negative drug abuse story which most are accustomed to. The story details the poor counties in Kentucky that have huge drug abuse issues, with thriving pharmaceutical businesses feeding into the problem. In one county of 21,000, prescribed 150 doses for each man woman and child of hydrocodone and oxycodone in a 12 month span. The article goes on to highlight the problem that is similar in several other counties and the problem that pharmacists are facing. These people are getting legal prescriptions and the workers can not reject them, even if they know they are abusing the drug. This piece displays the normal coverage we see of abuse, the scandal and controversial.

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