Collegiate Recovery

Before todays visitors Robert Ashford and Jimmy Hazell, I didn’t know too much about collegiate recovery programs (CPR). Unfortunately Temple University does not offer collegiate recovery programs and that is something that I think could not only help further build the recovery community but also I think that it will help Temple continue to build diversity within its student population. Ashford currently attends the University of Pennsylvania where he is working toward his Masters degree in social work. Ashford like many others identifies himself as someone in long term recovery. Hatzell is a Penn State grad who actually severed as the president of the collegiate recovery program there at State College. Both of these fellas are continuing their work as dedicated advocates for collegiate recovery programs.

This program is vital to the success of people who identify as people in long-term recovery. This program allows individuals to come together to build a community for them to be apart of while living on a college campus where the use of drugs and alcohol are prevalent. Ashford and Hazell said CRP’s on college campuses gives students in long-term recovery a place that is safe and supportive to there success as student. Hatzell said this taught him that recovery as a young person is cool.

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Jacob Martin

Student athlete Jacob Martin is a junior journalism major in the School of Media and Communication at Temple University. Over the three years he has been a Temple student, he has developed as a skill for journalism design. As he embarks on this new journey in solutions journalism he seeks to particularize his ability in solutions journalism writing. Jacob has not been personally affected by addition but knows that this is one community that needs to be brought to light. He is very thrilled to be apart of this solutions journalism team and cannot wait to help put an end to the negative social connotations that surround addiction. Contact Jacob at

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