A Mother-Daughter Experience

Chelsey and Judy Cain were the first mother-daughter duo to come to the class.

What stood out to me was that although their stories overlapped, the two had extremely different perspectives about Chelsey’s addiction. Judy admits that for the majority of the time that Chelsey still lived in her home, she was in denial about

Judy admits that for the majority of the time that Chelsey still lived in her home, she was in denial about her daughter’s addiction. She eventually kicked her out of the house, although she didn’t want to. In Judy’s opinion, this is when Chelsey’s addiction spiraled out of control. Chelsey went to live with two other addicts, then with one man, and then a few months later she was arrested.

Her father refused to pay her bail and let her stay in jail. Her father asked the judge if he had made the right decision. The judge replied, “She would have been dead in two weeks.”

Chelsey has since turned her life around. After getting out of jail, she pursued her education and went to community college. As of December 2016, she is pursuing her doctorate in Temple’s Criminal Justice program. She has been clean for seven and a half years.

Although Chelsey doesn’t believe in incarcerating addiction problems away, she does admit that her time away helped her. “I needed to be scared,” she said.

Chelsey hopes to reform the justice system in relation to addiction.

“She wants to change the world,” Judy said.

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