10 Ways We Can Incorporate Solutions Into Our Addiction Reporting

  • By talking to academic experts who are actively researching solutions looking to help people who have substance use disorders
  • Like with the recent White House press release of its effort in changing the language of addiction, we could stress the use of more acceptable terminology in our reporting to drive home how public perception of addiction needs to change
  • Make sure to link out to, or refer to, the organizations dedicated to addiction solutions in our reporting
  • Similarly with the way we refer to substance use disorders, we should not paint the people going through solutions as just helpless victims, rather we should make sure to highlight the strength of each individual we do report on
  • We could possibly find a way to connect people with substance use disorders through social media or some other platform — hashtags have been effective ways to start discussions around the world so we could maybe start a hashtag around a solution
  • Writing about, and linking out to, the local events dedicated to discussing solutions in addiction could also prove effective in encouraging and informing people of places where people can find each other and discuss further in person
  • Finding a way to visualize data and research could be another way to implement solutions into our reporting — many people will not take the time to drag themselves through pages and pages of data to find out about a potential solution but visually appealing graphics could work better
  • It’s also okay to report on solutions that have failed since the lessons learned from the attempt can prove useful to researchers and journalists who are looking into the issue and solution

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Albert Hong

Albert Hong is a senior journalism major and digital technologies minor at Temple University. Contact Albert at albert.hong@temple.edu.

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By Albert Hong